Friday, January 29, 2010

applying crating methods

Hi all.

These are my 12 sketch.

they are not in order.

Some of them looks very weird.

I will try to improve on that next time I sketch them.

I hope you like them.

applying crating methods

Hi all.

I am supposed to sketch these 12 blocks using the crating method.

They are quite difficult.

Pictures of my sketches are coming up soon.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

P.I.E.S watching a documentary

Hi once again.

This is my P.I.E.S. about watching a documentary show name as Air Crash Investigation.

It is a show that airs every tuesday night on National Geographic Channel.

The reason why I watch this show is because I want to be a pilot when I grow up.

P: The show is about some investigators investigating a plane crash that happens in the past.

I: The show is very interesting and exciting as they show in detail on how the plane crash.

E: The part is sad when they talk about the people that died in the crash.

S: They will usually interview survivors and the pilots of the flight and the air traffic controller who is managing their flight.

P.I.E.S taking a ride on the MRT

Hi again.

This is my P.I.E.S on taking an MRT ride.

I took the MRT ride with my friends from Changi Airport to Yew Tee where my house is.

I went to the airport for fun with my friends after PSLE as we both want to be pilots when we grow up.

P: The ride was very fun and we took the long way which include the North East Line and the Circle Line.

I: We wanted to experience taking the North East Line and the Circle line.

E: It was very fun and we talk and chat and joke with each other.

S: Some of our friends and families who know what we did laugh at us and said that we were wasting our time but we wanted to explore. Anyway, PSLE is already over.

P.I.E.S bracelet

Hi again.

This is my P.I.E.S. of a bracelet which my grandmother gave to me when I was younger.

P: It is blue in colour, my favourite colour.

I: It represents good luck and peace and safety.

E: It was made by my grandmother out of love and care.

S: I like it very much and I still keep it with me now.

Laptop School Bag P.I.E.S.

Hi all.

This is my P.I.E.S. of my laptop school bag.

Here is a picture of the bag.

P: The bag is strong and able to support the heavy weight of a laptop bag and books. It is black in colour and matches my dark blue school uniform.

I: It has a laptop compartment and which will protect the laptop from damage.

E: The bag is bought by my father which manage to bargain and got a discount for the bag.

S: The bag is a huge talking point as my mother say it is not lasting and my grandmother say that it is very expensive.

Monday, January 25, 2010


Hi again.

I have learnt how to sketch a sphere.

The sphere is the most difficult shape among the 5 basic shapes.

It is difficult to make it 3D.

I have tried my best but it looks a little weird.

I will try to improve on that.

My sphere are also not exactly round.

It is very hard to get a perfectly round sphere.

I will try and improve on that as well.

Thank You for looking at my sketches so far.

I will post more up when I do more.


Hi all.

I have learnt how to sketch a cone.

It is like a cylinder but with some changes.

Some of them are out of shape.

I will try my best to make them look nicer the next time I draw them.

I hope you like it.


Hi all.

I have learnt how to draw the cylinder.

My cylinder looks a bit like logs.

The shape of some of them is a little weird.

I will try my best to improve on that.

I hope you like it.


Hi again.

I have learnt how to draw the pyramid.

It is something like the boxes but with some changes.

I will try and draw them nicer the next time I draw them.

5 basic shapes ( boxes )

Hi all.

I have learnt the proper way to sketch the 5 basic shapes.

This is my sketch of boxes.

Some of them are out of shape.

I will take note of that and try to improve on that the next time I draw them.

5 basic shapes

Hi all.

This is my sketch on the 5 basic shapes.

They are:

This sketch are when I draw them before I learnt the right way to draw them.

They might not look very nice.


Hi again.

This is a sketch of my staple.

I tried my best to be as detailed as possible.

It is a little hard but fun.

Hope you like it.


Hi again.

This is my sketch on lines and aiming.

I put 2 dots and join them together with a straight line.

My lines are not very straight. I will have to work on that.


Hi all.

Here is my sketch on lines.

I hope you like it.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Doing Research conserving water resources.

hi all.

This is my research about conserving water resources.

As Singapore has a small land area and a big population, the water resources is very precious.

Singapore does not have any natural freshwater lakes, so the primary source of water is rain which is collected from water catchment areas and reservoirs, which provide about 47% of our water in Singapore. The remainder is bought from Malaysia or by producing recycled waste water (NEWater).

The first reservoir in Singapore is the MacRitchie reservoir, built by the British in 1867. So as Singapore developed into a modern city, more water sources are needed. So two more reservoirs wee built.

Since the independence of Singapore, the Public Utilities Board took over the control of basic supplies which included water. Since then, there had been many developments and improvements in order to increase the water supply of Singapore.

During the 1960s and 1970s there was great development for Singapore. In order to maintain that, many big water projects were embarked in order to increase the water supply of Singapore. Some of these projects included the Kranji-Pandan Scheme, the Upper Pierce Project and the Western Catchment Water Scheme.

The current modern Singapore gets its water from a network of reservoirs and water catchment areas. By 2001, there were about 19 raw water reservoirs, 9 treatment works and 14 storage or service reservoirs locally to serve the domestic needs.

A barrage has been constructed around the estuary of three Singapore rivers, creating a huge freshwater reservoir, known as the Marina Bay reservoir. When inaugurated at the end of October, 2008, it increased the rainfall catchment of Singapore to two-thirds of the country's surface area from half.

There will be two more reservoirs, known as the Punggol reservoir and Serangoon reservoir, are being constructed at the moment.

For many years, Singapore has relied on buying water from Malaysia to supply half of the water consumption in Singapore. As of 2009, imported water had been reduced to about 40% of the total consumption here in singapore. However the two water agreements that supply Singapore with water are due to expire before 2011 and 2061 respectively and the two countries are engaged in a dispute regarding the price of the water. Without a current resolution, the government of Singapore has decided to increase the self-sufficiency in its water supply.

NEWater is the brand name given to the reclaimed water produced by Singapore's public utilities. More specifically, it is treated wastewater (sewage) that has been purified using dual-membrane and ultraviolet technologies, in addition to the conventional water treatment processes.

There are four NEWater factories, located at Bedok, Kranji, Seletar, and Ulu Pandan. Water Reclamation Plants are producing about 32 million US gallons per day. These four NEWater plants can meet about 15 % of Singapore's water needs.

Some of the NEWater is used at water fabrication plants and other non-potable applications in the industries. The rest is fed into any nearby reservoirs.

When the fifth NEWater plant opens at Changi in 2010 with a capacity of 50 million gallons per day, NEWater will be able to meet up to 30% of Singapore's water requirements by recycling.

On 13 September 2005, Singapore opened its first desalination plant by SingSpring. The plant which is located at Tuas, can produce up to 30 million gallons of water each day. Worth about $200 million, it is one of the biggest in the world and meets 10 percent of the country's water needs. The plant also produces bottled water called the Desal H2O.

At the desalination plant, sea water is forced through plastic membranes with microscopic pores in order to extract dissolved salts. Silt is removed by dousing the seawater with chemicals that coagulate the particles.

Coinciding with the official opening of the desalination plant, the International Desalination Association (IDA) held its 6-day World Congress in Singapore. Around six hundred experts and delegates attended the congress to discuss about desalination and water reuse. Some experts suggested that Singapore could become the world's water hub for water recycling and desalination technology and could export this technology to the world including China. Dr Masaru Kurihara, the director of IDA, said that with the new technology in water reclamation, waste water would become the most important sustainable water resource in the future.

There has also been some campaigns to urge people to conserve water, aiming to reduce consumption of water in Singapore from 161 litres per day per person to 155 litres and some suggested methods include spending one minute less in the shower.

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ADMT understanding research

Hi all.

1) To me research is about going to the library or using the internet to search for information.

2) Research is very important as it lets us find information that we do not know.

3) We can conduct good research by searching the internet and the library so that we get more information. if the results are conflicting, we must be able to know which is correct and wrong or part of it is correct.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

introduction to ADMT

What is Art, Design, Media and Technology (ADMT) to you?

To me, ADMT is something like animation.

Why is ADMT important?

It lets us design arts.

What are the skills that you would want to learn in ADMT?

I will want to learn art skills.

Sketch how the world would look like without art, design, media and technology.

My video shows that without ADMT, there will be no cartoon and movie animations show. Sorry the words in the picture are upside down. it says no more animation cartoons and movies.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

admt personal blog

Hi all.

This is my personal blog for admt when studying in sst.