Thursday, June 24, 2010


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Elderly Challenge - Observation 4

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I am sorry for last week not being able to do it as I was away on holiday that week.

Today, I will be talking about the HDB area near Yew Tee MRT Station.

Here, the lift (below) is quite small. Even though it can fit an elderly in a wheelchair, it will not be able to fit any other person. The most is one or two only. One solution is to have 1 or 2 big lift meant for wheelchairs and bulky items and people with a lot of goods and another one for ordinary people.

The corridor (below) is also very narrow. If an elderly in a wheelchair is moving slowly people who want to walk in front of them will not be ale to. A solution is to widen the corridor.

Near the block of flats, there is a senior citizens fitness corner. (below) It is for them to exercise and keep fit and stay healthy.

There is also a stone path (below) for elderly to walk on and sit on the benches and put their legs on it. There is also a hand rail just in case.

There is also a row of benches for people and elderly to sit and rest after exercising or for them to just sit and have a chat with friends or breath in fresh air in the morning.

I would suggest they build a senior citizens corner in one of the void decks so with chairs, tables, fun activities like board games and cards for them to play. There might be a television for them to watch shows as well. They can go there and have chats with friends as well.

This is my observation.

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

SST ADMT Elderly Challenge homework part 3

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I am supposed to design a room for an elderly to live in.

I have designed a bed room.

I will show it to you below:

Here is the room from different view angle.

As you can see, there is a large sliding door (below) which will make it easier for the elderly to open and close. It is large and makes it easy to move in and for those in wheelchair, it is easier.

There are many windows (below) so that there will be fresh air and air circulation.

But since it is too high for the elderly to reach to open and close, there is a panel of switches (below) to the left of the door to open and close the windows. All the elderly have to do is to press once and the window will open, press again to close it.

Above the switches there is a handrail just in case the elderly needs support.

beside the switches, there is a row of cabinets (below) for the elderly to put her cloths and things etc.

They are low in height so the elderly do not need to reach so high to open or close it.

On the other side of the room, there is a television ( below) for the elderly to watch. It is located opposite the bed so the elderly can lie on the bed and watch it.

There is a staircase (below) for the elderly just in case he or she have trouble getting up and down the bed. there is also a handrail for the elderly.

There is also a side table beside the bed if he or she needs to use it for any purpose and put things on it.

So this is the room.

I hoped you like it.

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Elderly Challenge - Observation 2

Hi all.

This is my second observation about the Elderly Challenge for a place in my neighborhood.

today I am talking about Yew Tee Square.

It is a 2 story non air con shopping mall (some shops are air-conditioned) located beside Yew Tee MRT Station which I talked about last week.

Most people will go in from the direction of the MRT station or the multi-story car park next to it.

On the first floor, most of the shops have a step to enter. (below)

Some have ramps instead. (below)

Ramps will be better for the elderly as they might have pain in the legs or use a wheelchair so a ramp is much more better for them.

A solution to the problem is to have more shops that have ramps. Another solution is to build the shops at the same level as the ground so that it will be much better for everyone.

To get to the second floor, there are 3 flight of steps. (below)

It will be very difficult for the elderly to go up as some might have pain in the legs as well as use a wheelchair. Plus, the food court is on the second floor, so the elderly will have to go up.

There is only 1 lift. (below)

Even though it is quite spacious, people will have to wait longer for it and it is usually crowded and it is not easy for elderly especially those in wheelchairs.

A solution is to build more lifts so people need not wait so long and will not be so crowded.

On the second floor, there are not much shops and a food court. The food court is at the same level as the floor so it is very convenient for he elderly. Plus, there are automatic sliding doors which make it even easier. (below)

However, the shops have a step in order to get into it so it is more difficult. The solution is the same as above. To have more shops that have ramps. or build the shops at the same level as the floor so that it will be much better for everyone.

So this is my observation for this week.

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Elderly Challenge - Observation 1

Hi all.

Today I am telling you about the elderly challenge and things that are related to them.

I am supposed to do this tomorrow but I am not free tomorrow so I done it today.

I will also do it every Wednesday during the june holidays. It might be earlier or later if on that day, I happen to not be free.

I will be talking about how the elderly get around in Yew Tee as it is my neighborhood.

Today I am talking more about Yew Tee MRT Station as well as Yew Tee square.

To get to the MRT station, people usually come from this traffic light. (below)

After they cross it to the side of the MRT station, they will see this flight of steps. (below)

It will be difficult for elderly to walk up as some of them might have pin in the legs, knee as well as those in a wheelchair. There is a ramp (below) to go up but it is located further down the path. Newcomers will not know that it is there unless they went to explore the area.

A solution is to build another ramp beside the staircase so it could be seen easily.

Near this ramp is the taxi stand and a bus stop. The taxi stand has a ramp ( below) for the people to use if they need to push things or use a wheelchair. The bus stop is use by service 307, which passes by a polyclinic ( the picture below the taxi stand ramp, look in the red box) so it is easier for elderly if they are sick or injured. The service also has wheelchair busses, which allows up to 2 wheelchairs on the bus.

Once a person moves up the ramp that leads to the MRT Station, there is a path ( Below ) that goes to the MRT wider gantry and then to the lift in the MRT Station.

At the MRT Station, most of the shops have slopes (below) so it is easy for an elderly to enter it.

So the only problem lies with the steps and no ramps that can be clearly seen.

Thank you.

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