Tuesday, January 26, 2010

P.I.E.S taking a ride on the MRT

Hi again.

This is my P.I.E.S on taking an MRT ride.

I took the MRT ride with my friends from Changi Airport to Yew Tee where my house is.

I went to the airport for fun with my friends after PSLE as we both want to be pilots when we grow up.

P: The ride was very fun and we took the long way which include the North East Line and the Circle Line.

I: We wanted to experience taking the North East Line and the Circle line.

E: It was very fun and we talk and chat and joke with each other.

S: Some of our friends and families who know what we did laugh at us and said that we were wasting our time but we wanted to explore. Anyway, PSLE is already over.

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